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History of Sarcheshmeh

Sarcheshmeh began its operation on 2005 by domain Sarcheshmeh.com. (you can see some of our archive in this Link)
(+ More information)

After 6 month the regime of Iran filtered sarcheshmeh.com and open politically file for Sarcheshmeh's Manager.

Sarcheshmeh continue it's activity with some other domains (such as: sarcheshmeh.ws , sarcheshmeh.us , sarcheshmeh.net , sarcheshmeh.org and sarcheshmeh.ir) but every time the regime has been filtering Sarcheshmeh's domains...

After 2009, at the same time with it's commencement Green movement in Iran, Sarcheshmeh stopped it's activity because the managers of sarcheshmeh arrested by the regime.

Now Sarcheshmeh come back again!
We started new activity from 21 Feb 2013 and we hope to do better than we did before.